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Share CFDs

AETOS Share CFDs give clients the ability to speculate on the price movements of public listed companies on exchanges without taking ownership of the underlying stocks. The Share CFDs trading allows you to trade Share CFDs with leverage and low spread, means you will only need to deposit a small portion of the full value to gain the full exposure. This will increase any profits, but also means that losses can exceed deposits.

AETOS charges commissions upon execution of any orders with as low as AUD 7 per trade. Data fee for Share CFDs may also apply.

Some of the Share CFDs on ASX including:

  • Australia & New Zealand Banking Group
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • BHP Group Ltd
  • Rio Tinto Ltd
  • A2 Milk Company Ltd
Product Specifications:
*To open a Share CFDs account, please contact your account manager
** Data fees are charged at the last business day of every calendar month. You are entitled to the monthly Data fees if you have access to the pricing and trading of Share CFDs or hold an open position(s) of Share CFDs in any day of that month.
Acct Trading Platform MT5
Margin Requirements 10%-25%
Data Fee** AUD 20 data fee per month and will be waived after 4 Share CFD trades each month
Commission 0.07% of trading value with a minimum of AUD 7 per trade
Trading Volume 1 lot equals to 1 Share CFD. 10-1,000 lots /per trade with an incremental step of 10. Max of 10,000 lots
Minimum deposit AUD 250
Forced Liquidation 80%
Overnight Funding Rate Financing Benchmark Rates +- 2.5%
Trading time 10:00 -16:00 AEST (GMT+11)
Promotion Not eligible to welcome bonus promotion

Example- Buying 1,000 shares(lots) of ANZ Share CFDs in view that Share price will rise.

Description Calculation
ANZ Share CFD is trading at 18.36/18.40. Buy 1,000 shares(lots) of ANZ Share CFDs at the ask price 18.40. A commission is subject to be charged at 0.07% of the contract value when you opened the position with a minimum of 7 AUD. 1,000 x 1 x 18.40 = AUD 18,400.00 1,000 x 1 x 18.40 x 0.07% = AUD 12.88 (>7)
The leverage level set on ANZ Share CFD is 10:1 which means that AETOS requires 10% of the contract value as an Initial Margin to be deposit into AETOS’ Trading Account. AUD 18,400.00 х 10% = AUD 1,840.00 (Initial Margin)
You hold 1,000 shares(lots) ANZ Share CFDs open overnight and the end of day price of ANZ Share CFD is 18.90. The overnight funding rate of buying ANZ is -2.61%, an interest adjustment would apply. 1,000 x1 x 18.90 x (-2.61%/360) = - AUD 1.37
ANZ Share CFD is trading at 19.40/19.43 at the next trading day. You close 1,000 shares(lots) ANZ Share CFDs at the bid price 19.40. A commission is subject to be charged at 0.07% of the contract value when you closed the position with a minimum of 7 AUD. 1,000x 1 x 19.40 = AUD 19,400.00 1,000 x 1 x19.40 x 0.07% = AUD 13.58 (>7)
Your total net gain is the difference between the opening position(s) and the closing position(s) plus/less the costs and Interest Adjustment (if applicable). 19,400 – 18,400 – 12.88 – 13.58 -1.37 = AUD 972.17

if ANZ Share CFD is trading at 18.00/18.04 at the next trading day and you close your position at bid price18.00, you would have made a loss of AUD 426.85.


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