• Product Name Symbol Tick Value Swap Rate
    Swap Rate
    Typical Spread Margin Requirement Trading Hours (GMT) Daily Trading Breaks (GMT)

【+】denotes the credit interest rate,【-】denotes the debit interest rate。

① The spread of Forex in MT4/MT5 is displayed differently in small point, e.g.: EURUSD will be displayed in 20 points rather than 2 pips. The bid/ask spreads are variable from time to time as markets can be volatile and the underlying market spreads can widen throughout the day. Consistent daily typical spreads are a reflection of pricing consistency throughout the day. Aetos Capital Group will continue to update the typical spreads listed above.

② The financial fee for overnight positions will be generated at cut off time. Three days' fee will be charged on Wednesday while one day's fee will be charged on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

③ 0.5% Margin = 0.5% of Contract Value, 1% Margin = 1% of Contract Value, 2% Margin = 2% of Contract Value.

④ Due to liquidity issue of Offshore Chinese Renminbi market, the swap rates for USDCNH and AUDCNH might be changed frequently. AETOS will adjust the swap rate based on the underlying market condition.