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Energy products, mainly refers to the products from crude oil refining like gasoline, kerosene, diesel, fuel oil and natural gas, are main source of energies. Energy is one of the world's most active commodity trading products.
AETOS offers three major energy products, namely: U.S. WTI crude oil, the British Brent crude oil and natural gas.

Factors affecting the price of energy products:

Demand factors - global energy reserves, the amount of energy in the global mining stocks, as well as the global energy needs for electricity, usage in industrial and residential sectors, as well as for commercial transportation. The relationship between supply and demand will significantly affect the prices of energy futures. Oversupply will cause prices falling, and short supply will drive the prices up.

Supply factors - in addition to oil and other energy sources, as well as coal and other alternative energy sources, which have a negative impact on oil demand, especially when oil prices are too high, demand will be shifted to alternative sources of energy, and vice versa .

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Why Trade Energy with AETOS?
  • Strictly regulated with guaranteed funds safety
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  • Fast and stable trading platform with MT4

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AETOS provides a wide range of product support services. If you would like to know more about online energy trading, please register a demo account now and enjoy the fun of investment in the real market environment, or to open a live account to trade in the capital markets.

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