Get A Premium Account

Premium Account is designed for traders trading high volumes with preferencial spreads.

A Premium Account offers:

  • Competitive spreads, EURUSD typical spread at 0.8*
  • Support expert advisor (EA) and customizable scripts
  • Fast execution without re-quote
  • Initial deposit to activate the account: USD 20,000 or above
  • Margin requirement: precious metals are 2%; all other products are 1%
  • Minimum trade size:0.1 lot
  • Maximum holding positions: 200 lots (>200 lots is offered on request only) **

*0.8 is our typical spreads during market hours; spreads may vary during outside market hours and volatile market conditions.

** This refers to the maximum positions a client can hold during a given time. Both Long and Short positions (including pending orders) will be counted when positions are hedged. Please send a request to to change the maximum holding positions level.

Premium Account is offered on request basis. Please send a request to to request one.

Remeber, losses can exceed deposits.