MT4 can intergrate with all kinds of customized indicator plug-ins, which can be brought up from MT4 navigator, to assist trading. Wintin MT4, there is a programme called MetaEditor, through which users can write their own third-party indicator plug-ins in accordance with their trading needs. 

Some of the most popular plug-ins provided by third parties can be easily downloaded here to enhance your trading strategies: 

FiboPiv-v2 Indicator

( Creator : Scriptor ) 

  • Could you control the length of the fibopiv line into oneday. that's maybe perfect.

Best MACD Final

( Creator : CoreWinTT )

  • The indicator shows price on a chart. It is simple to write.

Magnified Market Price

( Creator : Scriptor )

  •  Classical MACD lines with filled OSMA on the chart.
  • Slow MA is calculated using ЕМА. 
  • Histogram can be scaled by changing parameter OsmaX.
  • Draw buffer ordering has changed, so MACD line draws above. 
  • OSMA indicator has added to chart.

Please Note: AETOS won’t take any responsibilities for any bugs encountered downloading, installing and using the plugin software.