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Welcome Potential Partners,

Due to the ongoing development work and success we have had behind the scenes regarding B2B business, we have created this new section of the website to further showcase what we can do for a range of retail, professional, brokerage and banking clients. The timing of AETOS Direct is no accident, We have successfully built up a critical mass of active clients across over 100 countries in which time have developed a range of: products, skills and ways of working which we can utilise to create solutions for our clients who operate in this space. AETOS Direct will encompass products ranging from our in depth Introducing Broker (IB) program and White Label products as clients develop and evolve their businesses. Here will also involve specialised setups in MAM and money management as well as our liquidity network for direct API clients, banks and brokerages looking for additional lines, or alternative hubs from where they source liquidity. Please browse the pages which explain a few ways that we are different and how we might help benefit you and your teams. Of course not every detail can be expressed here and the nature of how we put these concepts together has a bespoke element to it, so we invite you to make contact with us with some minor details so we can put correct skill sets in front of you from the beginning and we can build a clear idea what we can do for you. 


AETOS Direct Team