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1. I have downloaded MT4. How can I log into my live account to trade?

You will receive your account login details including the name of the MT4 server after payment and account activation. You can simply choose the live server as assigned ( either "AETOS-Live" or "AETOS-LIVEF" ) and use your account details to log in and trade.

2. How to change MT4 password?

Please use your registered email address as username to log into the AETOS official website to change your password.

3. How to insert chart indicator?

(1) You can select "Insert" on the top menu bar and then select "Indicator",

(2) Or you can insert "Indicator" from "Navigator". 

4. How to create a trend line?

(1) On the top menu bar, select "Insert"

(2) Select the desired trend line

(3) You will see a crosshair sign after releasing the mouse. Use the mouse to put the crosshair on the selected chart. Then, you can use the mouse to adjust the size of trend lines. Also, you can have access to the trend lines shortcut by clicking "View" > "Toolbars" > "Line Studies". 

5. Do you have a MT4 Manual?

Yes we do. Please click "Help" on the platform to obtain the information. 

6. What is the time zone on MT4? Can it be adjusted?

The time on MT4 is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). It cannot be adjusted. 

7. How to choose language on MT4?

On the top menu bar, select view —> languages —> and choose the language you want. Then close and re-start MT4.