Cryptocurrency CFDs

Cryptocurrency is built on the Blockchain protocol, in which the distributed database allows the digital money to be securely exchanged on the internet.

Trading in cryptocurrencies gained popularity in recent years after the sharp surge of Bitcoin value. Unlike traditional fiat currencies that can be physically seen, cryptocurrencies are an internet-based medium of exchange that uses the like of Blockchain technology to conduct financial transactions. They are decentralised and highly immune to control by a government or central bank. The high trades volume and the potential of continuing development make it one of the most popular financial products.

AETOS provides cryptocurrency CFDs that help investors easily and effectively use leverage for short and long trades without actually holding underlying instruments.

Cryptocurrency CFDs

What are the benefits of trading in cryptocurrency CFDs with AETOS?

  • No need to own a cryptocurrency wallet
  • Trade in bilateral
  • Trade through leverage margin
  • Trade various products in one platform effectively and easily

AETOS Cryptocurrency CFDs

*Commission = 0.1% of trading value
**Overnight Funding Rate = Financing Benchmark Rate+/-25%
***Please note that the daily break for Cryptocurrency CFDs has two sessions:
Standard Trading Hours: 21:55 - 22:11 GMT (Daily) and 10:00 - 10:31 GMT (Wednesday)
Daylight Saving Trading Hours: 20:55 - 21:11 GMT (Daily) and 10:00 - 10:31 GMT (Wednesday)
Product Symbol Margin Rate Min Trade Size Max Trade Size Trading Hours (GMT)
Bitcoin BTCUSD 50% 0.01 10 Standard Time
22:11 ~ 21:00
(Sun ~ Fri)

Daylight Saving Time
21:11 ~ 20:00
(Sun ~ Fri)
BitcoinCash BCHUSD 50%
Ethereum ETHUSD 50%
Litecoin LTCUSD 50% 0.1