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MT4 & Plug-ins

MT4 is one of the most popular trading softwares in the world. Apart from its flexible order-transaction features, MT4 also provides other functions, including news, market quotes, charts analysis, indicators, prompted alarm, and newsletter.

AETOS also provides MT4 mobile platform. The mobile version supports iPhone, iPad and Android devices so that investors can manage their trade accounts wherever they are. Apart from the ideal order transactions and account management functions, MT4 mobile platform provides comprehensive analysis options. No matter where you are, investors can use MT4 Mobile to track the latest movements in the market and trade any time.

Download MetaTrader 4
System : Windows Vista / Windows7 / Windows8

Download MT4 Mobile
Scan & download MT4

Scan & download MT4

Scan & download MT4

Scan & download MT4

Download MT4 Plug-ins

AETOS MT4 can provide all kinds of customized indicator plug-ins, which can be brought up from MT4 navigator. MT4 includes a programming function called MetaEditor. Through this program, users can write their own third-party indicator plug-ins in accordance with their trading needs.

AETOS provides the following indicators for clients to download:


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